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16 June 2024
Inspected all hives today for surplus honey. Unfortunately with the cold and wet weather the bees have struggled to forage for nectar from which they make honey. When it rains the bees still need to eat so being confined to the hive they eat their stores (honey).
With a warm dry spell being forecast over the coming days we are hopeful the bees will give us some surplus honey by the end of the month.

5 June 2024
Unfortunately still no honey due to the very wet Spring we have had. We are hopeful the bees will have been able to forage for nectar with this relatively dry warm spell and by the middle of June we will have honey for sale.
Keep an eye on our ‘Honey’ page for the latest news on honey for sale.

26 April 2024
We have had quite a few recent enquiries about honey for sale.
Last years’ crop was all sold by December but we are hopeful our bees will work hard and give us a surplus crop of Spring Honey. Hopefully this will be by mid/end of May subject to the weather.

March 2024 …

Thankfully our bees have survived the winter which included some very chilly nights and days.
The queens are starting to lay again as the foraging bees have started bringing in pollen which is protein for the young larva.

The bees making the most of the sunshine today bringing in plenty of pollen (protein) for the brood. They carry the pollen back to the hive on their rear legs (pollen baskets). See photo below….

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Returning foraging bees with yellow pollen

A good day for flying……..

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