Please use our ‘Contact Us’ page if you wish to purchase our honey.
Prices … 1lb (454g) jar £9.50p and 8oz (227g) jar £5.50p

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Honeybees collect nectar for feeding themselves, the nurse bees that are not yet able to fly, and for the nurse bees in turn to feed the bee larvae.
The nurse bees turn nectar into honey for storage purposes and seal it in beeswax honeycomb cells for use when there is no food source (ie. winter).

If our bees produce enough surplus honey (that is, more than they need during the summer and more importantly for their winter stores), then we remove it from the hive, coarse filter it just once to remove particles of beeswax and then bottle it into sterilised jars. Unlike supermarket honey, we do not ‘fine filter’ our honey, therefore there are microscopic particles of pollen left in. Some people say this helps alleviate hay fever symptoms, but this is not scientifically proven.
Again, unlike most supermarket honey, we do not pasteurise our honey, so in time it is possible our honey may crystallise. This is in fact a sign of good untreated / unadulterated pure / raw beekeepers honey, the best you can buy.

We sell our bees honey at local church / school events and also via Kingston Beekeepers Association when they are represented at various street markets. Our delicious Kingston Vale honey is VERY popular and demand always exceeds supply.

Our honey is sold in various size jars, 454g (1lb), 227g (8oz), 42g (1.5oz). The 42g size is also sold in gift packs of four.
We sell our Honeycomb in 227g (8oz) blocks.

We operate a ‘Not For Profit’ basis. ALL proceeds from selling honey and other hive products contribute towards the cost of helping us care for our bees.

June 2023..
We were able to remove a little Spring honey in early June. This sold out very quickly.
We now have an early summer crop of honey which will be ready for sale early July.
Please use our ‘Contact us’ page if you wish to purchase our delicious honey.
We have managed to hold our prices for over seven years, but this year we have to pass on some of the increased costs of beekeeping equipment, clothing, honey storage, jars, and labels.
We will be raising the price of each jar by 50p.

May 2023..
The Spring weather hasn’t been particularly good for our bees and their honey production.
With the loss of colonies and queens over the winter we are not expecting any surplus honey until at least the end of May. All our customers who have made enquiries for Spring honey will be notified as soon as we have honey for sale.

March 2023..
We have now sold out of our 2022 crop of honey. We are hoping the bees will come through the winter strongly and supply us with a Spring crop of surplus honey.

October 2022..
We have now sold out of honeycomb blocks.
Next year we are hoping for a bigger crop as we have invested in a specialist honeycomb box
where the bees will hopefully store honey in 5 inch square boxes which can be removed
without cutting into the honeycomb. … Watch this space !!

October 2022..
FIRST PRIZE for our summer honey at the Surrey county honey show.
See our LATEST NEWS page for more details.

August 2022…
Summer Honey and Honeycomb available.
Summer honey all now removed from our hives leaving enough for the bees to see them through the winter. We also have a limited amount of chunk honeycomb for sale.
Please do drop us a line on our CONTACT US page if you wish to purchase our delicious, unique tasting honey or honeycomb

July 2022…
We have sold out of our spring honey, however, with the recent hot spell we have an early crop of summer honey. We are constantly checking for honeycomb, the bees are working on this and we are hopeful for some by the end of the month.

June 2022 …
Our bees have produced a lovely tasting spring crop of honey. You can both sample and purchase our honey on Saturday 2 July at St. John’s church Summer Fayre (Kingston Vale SW15 3PY).

May 2022 … ..
We have had some early swarming issues, quite natural in the Spring but earlier than expected.
This will put back our expectations for an early honey crop. Subject to the weather remaining warm and dry we hope to have honey for sale by the end of May. Watch this space !!

April 2022 …
Our bees have successfully survived the winter and on warm dry days are out collecting nectar from which they will make the unique tasting Kingston Vale Honey.
We have already had many enquiries asking when our 2022 spring honey will be available. This largely depends on the weather, but we are hoping we may have a surplus crop by early / mid May. We will be in contact with all those who have registered an interest. This page will also be updated on honey progress.

December 2021 …
We regret we have sold out of our 2021 honey. As usual our local honey was in great demand and as this years crop was much reduced due to the poor spring weather, we sold out quite early.
Watch this space for news on our 2022 Spring crop, which will hopefully be around April/May

26 July 2021 …..
After the recent warm and relatively dry spell of weather, our bees have been out foraging and working hard to give us a surplus crop of summer honey.
Supply this year will be limited but if you are interested in our honey then please send us a note using our ‘CONTACT US’ page.

July 2021…..
June was such a disappointing month for the bees (me too!!). Cold and wet, the bees were unable to forage for nectar so has put back our ability to take off honey for a few weeks. At long last July has seen some warmer dry weather and the bees look like they are working hard for a surplus honey crop. We are now mid July and by the end of the month we should be in a position to notify all of our patient customers we have honey for sale, but please continue to watch this space in these changeable weather conditions.

June 2021…..
After a challenging winter where we lost a few colonies, the bees struggled to build up numbers during the very cold spring, and therefore failed to produce any surplus spring honey.
However, with the current warm spell they are busy bringing in summer nectar and we hope to have honey to sell late June or early July.
Watch this space! ……

January 2021…
SOLD OUT ! All our 2020 honey has now been sold. Please watch this page for when our bees produce a surplus in 2021, hopefully around the end of April.

August 2020 …
All our honey has now been harvested and we are pleased to say we have had a bumper crop of beautiful liquid gold raw honey from our hard working bees. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ page if you wish to purchase our delicious honey.
The bees eventually produced a small amount of honeycomb. This was pre ordered by customers and all blocks of honeycomb have now been sold.

June 2020…….
Due to the number of swarms we have had this year, leaving a reduced number of bees in each hive, the building of honeycomb has been delayed. We are monitoring this on a weekly basis and hope to have honeycomb ready for sale by early to mid July.

May 2020…..
Still no honeycomb from our dedicated hives, but our other hives have been very productive in producing surplus honey. It is looking like a bumper year for a honey crop just as long as the weather stays kind to the bees.

27 April 2020….
Our bees have worked extremely hard during the warm sunny dry spells of April and have produced enough Spring honey for themselves and a little surplus for us to have.
This years Kingston Vale Spring runny honey has a delicious floral flavour. It really is Liquid Gold. If you wish to purchase our Kingston Vale honey, please send us a note using our ‘Contact us‘ page.
We still don’t have Honeycomb available to sell but the bees are working hard on this and by mid May at the very latest we should have Honeycomb available.